Procedural 3D Modeling for the Geospatial World
Workshop at the Savannah College of Art and Design
Our Work

What We Do

Our mission is to empower geo-enabled students and professionals by teaching a 3D modeling and visualization process using ArcGIS CityEngine and the Epic TwinMotion rendering app. We believe that mastering these tools leads to expanded opportunities, broader career paths, and improved client/public collaboration.

This process and its visually stunning results are illustrated in the Esri video Urban Design Visualization with ArcGIS CityEngine and TwinMotion. Also see our video example below, produced in CityEngine using Esri procedural rules and finished/rendered in TwinMotion 2024.1.

Video Instruction

Our instructional series, “CityEngine from the Ground Floor Up” is freely available on YouTube for those who wish to learn.

Our Work

We have been involved with CityEngine since its 2014 version. A significant portion of our work has been dedicated to writing CGA (Computer Generated Architecture) rules, the programming language that CityEngine uses to create 3D buildings, streets, and urban landscapes. We pushed the boundaries of CGA by developing rules to generate some of our favorite structures, such as bridges and “supertall” buildings. This high level of complexity made more typical challenges seem much simpler. Our work’s visual quality significantly improved when we started using Epic TwinMotion in 2023, a relatively simple tool that is relatively simple to learn and delivers fast results


About Us

JeffCity Geo+Media is me, Jeff Herzer. I began my career in broadcast journalism and later, worked as a digital media producer at a national architecture/engineering firm in Kansas City.

My interests turned to geospatial data visualization and procedural modeling after I earned my master’s in GIS.

I have always been driven to follow my interests and to achieve based on competence, performance and merit. I will teach anyone with the desire to learn, based on these principles.

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